How to Successfully Market a High Priced Product As an Internet Marketer

As we venture into the world of Internet Marketing, we notice that all businesses whether they are successful or not have one thing in common. That is they are trying to sell a product. Whether they are trying to sell a $27.00 eBook or a lifetime membership to an affiliate program the key is always to sell a product or service of some kind.

Most internet gurus would agree that its always better to sell a high priced ticket item. Well think about this way. What do you think is more worth your while — selling 1000 items at $10 a piece or selling 10 items at $1000 a piece. Of course the latter would be the answer. The amount of time spent and invested into selling a low priced product is much more than a high priced product.

But I bet your wondering how difficult it is to sell that high priced product. Well, its not as difficult as you think. The product should be popular and in-demand but think of it in terms of a step by step process. Suppose you are try to sell $1000 watches. Watches that you recently brought forth into the marketplace and not many people know about. If you were to approach someone and ask them to purchase it, chances are they will probably not buy it.

But now you provide them with a detailed brochure that tells a little about the product and reveals a website they can go to find out more information. And when they go to that website you offer them something free if they reveal their name and e-mail. Now you have a contact and can now work on selling a low priced product such as a home-based alarm clock. After purchasing the low priced item they can determine your legitimacy as a proven seller. And hopefully with a little trust from the customer and some additional marketing you can sell that high priced product with relative ease. Once you can prove that you are offering a product worth buying, a customer will not hesitate one bit.

So essentially you are using a step by step process and a low priced product to sell the high priced product. You are leading the customer through a series of steps thereby building trust and legitimacy. This makes the customer more at ease because they are not buying something on the spot without conducting some little research on their own. And since you didn’t pressure the customer to purchase your high ticket item immediately they are more inclined to buy it now.